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Refunds and returns policy

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As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, financial gifts are non-refundable. Of course, if you accidentally make a duplicate donation we will refund the excess amount. Donors whose giving totals $250 or more in a calendar year receive an annual summary receipt that can be used for income tax purposes. If your giving was below that amount, you can request a summary receipt by writing to

Shipping fees, charged when special UPS shipping is requested, covers only our costs as charged to us by UPS. We are unable to refund this fee even if the shipment is returned to us or does not arrive as anticipated. However, we value our members and will make every effort to work with you in the event that an address is incorrect or a shipment inadvertently ends up in the wrong place.

To ensure that your shipments arrive as expected, please keep your profile up to date by clicking the "Edit Profile" link next to your name at the top of each page (this link only appears when you are logged in). Your small effort helps the ministry save money, so that more of the funds entrusted to us by donors can be used to produce Gospels.

If you have any further questions about refunds or returns, please contact

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