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Postwar boom fuels massive economic growth in the US, now the world's dominant economy. Humble faith in Christ begins to give way to prosperity.

Warren Harding becomes president. Prohibition, which was started the previous year, generates huge levels of mob violence.

The Soviet Union is formed by Lenin after the Bolshevik revolution sweeps through Russia.

Calvin Coolidge becomes president after Warren Harding dies in office.

Death of Lenin provokes power strugle in USSR. First winter Olympic games are held in Chamonix, France.

The first television picture is transmitted in London by John Logie Baird. US astronomer Edwin Hubble discovers existence of galaxies beyond our own.

US explorer Admiral Byrd makes first dirigible balloon flight over the North Pole. Chiang Kai-shek reunites Chinese heartland.

Charles Lindbergh makes first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic, from New York to Paris. Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs in one season.

Helen Cadbury Alexander organizes the first international conference of Pocket Testament Leagues in September to bring about greater international cooperation.

Herbert Hoover becomes president. Wall Street collapses, crushing the stock market and beginning the Great Depression.