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A variety of resources to
help you read, carry and Share

Overview of our resources

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At The Pocket Testament League, we want to equip you to live a vibrant, exciting Christian life, full of the vitality and joy that come from a deep meaningful relationship with Jesus. We want to give you the tools you need to share your faith with those around you.

To help you, we have a variety of tools designed to make it as easy as possible to build your faith and develop a lifestyle of personal evangelism. From Gospels to training programs and more, our goal is to bring together and equip a community of believers who are serious about their faith in Christ.

The Gospel of John

Order Now!We have many Gospel covers to fit many sharing situations. All of them are designed with a great deal of thought and attention to detail to provide the greatest possible impact for sharing with others. Our high quality film lamination ensures that the Gospels don't easily get wrinkled as you carry them in your pocket. Covers are striking so that when you give them to someone, they will have the desired effect and build interest.

Other Publications

And we don't just have Gospels for you to share -- we also have several other helpful evangelism tools to help make it easy to share. These include our unique "God's Word to You" booklets for sharing the gospel of Jesus with young children, and our powerful reference guides full of useful information you can have right at your fingertips.

Online Resources

We even have Bible study tools and sharing resources you can use without leaving your desk, including a powerful training program called Evangelism Boot Camp. Sign up for our Pocket Devotions, a unique online devotional that's sent to you automatically every weekday to help get you deep into God's Word.

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